How Do You Entertain a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of the members of the rodent family, which is also known as cavy. These pigs are also identified with the names as guinea pigs as well as domestic guinea pigs and cavy or domestic cavy. The kids mostly adopt this breed of guinea pigs as their pets, as these pigs are very friendly to the kids. People who adopt these small pigs they buy various toys to keep them happy. To find the best guinea pig toys, you should search it on a good and a reputed website, as it will help you to find genuine and best toys of all the toys for your pet.

There are different breeds of guinea pigs which have different appearance and nature from each other. These pigs help to entertain kids and helps people so much in doing their work as these pigs keep kids busy playing with them. These pigs have various benefits in different ways, such as they are used for making various medicines and works as a source of food for the western people. These domestic guinea pigs have gained worldwide popularity as a great pocket pet for the kids, and kids feel comfortable in keeping them as their pets.

Features of Guinea pigs

How Do You Entertain a Guinea Pig?

  • These pigs are very intelligent and quickly learn various things very fast, and to maintain their life cycle proper without any problem, motion is the best way for them to keep themselves healthy.
  • Guinea pigs play a significant role in a kid’s life, and kids easily get attracted to such small shaped pigs as these pigs are attention seeker mainly for the kids and parents feel relax with them as they are not dangerous for the kids as their nature is amiable.
  • These pigs are easy to handle as they can stay in one place for so long as they can keep themselves freeze in one particular area and do not irritate their owners for any food or something. They can remain busy with themselves only for so long that they don’t want anyone to keep attention towards them continuously.
  • These pigs are used by people or scientists to test different experiments related to these pigs, such as drug experiments or to test any process; these small rodents are very useful.
  • They are the only furry animal that is cute and attractive and small in size with short legs and rounded ears, and they don’t have any tail, the scientists often use them for various experiments.


  • Domestic Habitat: Guinea pigs love to be in a group of three to four. And they have common combinations but can live together sometimes. These pigs like domestic surroundings as compared to other animals as they belong to rodent’s family and these breed of rodents love to remain on their own, and they sometimes love to play with other animals also to have a different environment.
  • Natural Habitat: These pigs love to live on the grass-based ground and free environment, they love sand as they play in the sand by making various holes and run after each other. And if these pigs are getting adopted by the people for their kids then they need to fulfill their needs like a suitable environment for them so that they don’t get bored, so to entertain them they should be provided with best guinea pig toys which help them to remain busy and not to get bored.
  • Diet: The diet of these pigs is mainly dependent on grass or grass-based products, which is a basic need of these pigs, and they enjoy eating such food as it makes them doing naughty things, and these pigs love to do nasty things.
  • Reproduction: Mainly male rodents or guinea pigs’ sexual maturity occurred in 3 to 5 weeks of age while female’s maturity to fertile occurs in 4 weeks of age.

Top Pig Toys

How Do You Entertain a Guinea Pig?

  • Best Chew Toy: This toy helps small rodents to entertain themselves as to its yummy, hardy, and enjoyable, and pigs find it funny to play with.
  • Best Tunnel: Tunnel is like a hole in which these pigs run after each other, and it is the safest place for your pig pet to hide in and get relax after playing so much.
  • The Playpen: These are the space for your pig when you want them to expand their scope in your house or room.
  • Best Ball: Balls are the most entertaining toy for all the animals, and they enjoy while playing with balls in different ways, and they love to squeeze the ball in their mouth and then throw it out.
  • Best wooden toy: A wooden toy is in shape like a role wheel in which these small rodents run, and then they run faster as they feel that someone is following them or something, this is the best game or the favorite game of the guinea pigs.
  • The Hideout: It’s a Toy made up of wood and covered with honey as this toy is considered as the nutrition toy and tasty treat for the pigs.
  • Best Feeding Toy: This toy helps you to feed your pet I an easy way by hanging the food on their cage, and when they feel hungry, they grab the food and eat it.

The toys mentioned above are the best guinea pig toys which are used by all the people who have these small rodents as their pets at their homes.

Wrap It Up

According to the points mentioned above or paragraphs, you can have an idea of how these small rodents are liked by people and mostly by the kids. These guinea pigs are the best pet for the little kids as they are friendly and cannot harm kids as they feel that little kids are like their family members, so they don’t get scared from them. These pigs are very attractive and attention-seeking because of their beautiful color and cute size.

How Long Should You Wait To Put Betta Fish In A New Tank?

Feb 10, 2020

Keeping fish aquariums at home can be interesting with those colorful and amazing fins they possess. Keeping fish tanks not only increases the beauty of the interiors but also portrays your interest in aquatic animals or animal son general. It is crucial that you know the proper steps to feed the fishes and clean the tank. The healthy lifestyle of these creatures depends on you and your techniques of caressing them. The article will focus on choosing the best betta fish tank and more about the betta fishes. Every fish has a different structure and origin. Some fish come from shallow streams whereas some live in freshwaters. Whatever be the adaptations, you can always keep these creatures in a fish tank. Below is a complete list of the betta fish origin and the steps to keep it in your home.

More about a betta fish

  • It is a colorful fish with amazing fins that can increase the beauty of your home when kept in a tank. But, whether the fish tank provides a healthy culture for these fishes is an important thing to know.
  • The origin of betta fish was in south-east Asia. Back then it made it living in the drainage, stagnant waters and hence adaptable to breathe even in oxygen-deficient water.
  • Even if you keep it out of the water it will survive for a short period of time. Some fishes similar to betta fishes known as labyrinth fishes can also survive outside water for some time.
  • An aquarium, with a minimum of two gallons of water, is best suited for betta fishes. The ideal temperature for these fishes is 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Betta fishes feed on the water surface on some dried worms or brine shrimp. The food of betta fishes needs protein and fiber-rich.

Choosing an ideal tank

  • The first and important thing is the size of the tank. It should be more than two gallons and ideally five gallons of a water tank. This will ensure that the proper nitrogen cycle is generated within the tank.
  • To reduce the number of bacteria in the tank, you need to use a filter. This will keep the tank clean and is one of the important factors in choosing the best betta fish tank. A light and gentle filter are essential for the betta fishes to swim since their long feathers might prevent them from swimming in strong currents.
  • Choose a filter that has an adjustable water flow settings. A heater is also needed since the ideal temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Failing this betta fishes might age up faster and be susceptible to diseases.

Collect the gravels for your tank

  • Since betta fishes love swimming, gravels will add to the beauty of the scene. You must ensure that the bettas do not hurt themselves and hence smooth gravels are important.
  • Buy gravels made from small rock pieces so that the bettas do not get stuck in between them. The gravels can also be thought of as a means of decorating the fish tank.
  • Ecologically, these gravels are helpful as the bacteria grow on its surface. This in turns prevents the waste from accumulating on the gravels.
  • The best betta fish tank also looks beautiful with plants in it. You can add caves in your tank so that bettas swim through it.
  • Try choosing live plants for the tank as they will help to keep the water clean and will also add up to the beauty. Try not to use too much decoration as it might tear up betta fins which are delicate.

The tank setting procedure

Following is a step by step guide on how you can set up the betta tank precisely.

  • Clean the tank with water and no chemicals like soap. Choose the correct place to keep the tank. Mostly window side is ideal but not much closer to sunlight.
  • The surface on which you place the tank should be stable and sturdy. The wall and the aquarium should have a minimum of 5 inches gap for proper filtration.
  • Put filters and make sure you turn them only when the tank I filled with water. Try watching a tutorial video on installing filters properly.
  • Wash the gravels with clear water and place them at the bottom of the tank. Also, put a plate at the top of gravels to prevent them from floating.
  • Fill the tank and then turn on the heater. The water circulation should be smooth and gentle. Place a thermometer to check if the water has achieved the desired temperature.

It is equally important that you buy a healthy betta fish. The following are some points to consider while buying one.

  • The body of the fish should be bright.
  • It should have fresh and healthy fins.
  • No abnormalities like missing fins or other parts.
  • No dots like symptoms on the body.

Introduce fish to its tank

Once you have the best betta fish tank, it is time that you introduce it to the tank. Betta fishes can be amazing pets for your home. So you ought to treat them nicely. When you buy, they come in a bag of water that has the desired temperature. So you need to be patient while pouring them in the water. Feeding them once or twice in a day is crucial. Prevent overfeeding them. The water must be changed twice a week. To ensure a healthy environment within the tank, check the ph level, ammonia content, nitrate level and more. Doing this every week is a must if you have a filter installed in the tank.

Sum up

So if you want to adopt bettas as your pet then you must follow the above points. Keeping a pet and ensuring their good health is an important thing. So if you do not know much about them, try considering a guide. Also, setting up the tank needs precision. So, read the guide about installing filters, heaters and decorating the buy one today and decorate your home with bettas.

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

Hamsters are omnivores which mean they eat flesh as well as legumes, despite they prefer insects rather boiled beefs. Hamsters are likewise largely considered to be crepuscular or nocturnal which implies that they usually aren’t active throughout the day, they love to sleep during the daytime and enjoy the late evening or at night-time.

Hamster are normally around 18cm tall although you can see different varieties of hamster which are a lot tinier such as Roborovski hamsters that are approximately 5–6cm long. They also own longer bodies and likely to stay on all 4 legs since hamsters have shorter, more fat bodies and utilize their forepaws to have their meal, climb, etc.

Hamsters are formerly native to South-eastern Europe, China, and the Middle East. As they reproduce well in confinement and are comfortable to take care off, hamsters can be a good family pet. The most popular type of hamster is a golden hamster which is commonly called as the Syrian hamster. They are quite happy with an exercise wheel, the best water bottle for hamster, food, and best bedding will be fine. Hamsters tend to be pretty clean and healthy by themselves. They are extremely smaller creatures, hence they do not want a large enclosure. The hamster can live in groups or also quite great on their own. If they are in a group, these creatures love to play and run in their cages, so you need to add playthings that are secure for them to use.

To properly take care of your hamster, you must know:

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

  1. Have a large cage for them with enough toys to hold them engaged. Hamster wheels or rings are one of the must-have playthings simultaneously with a few chew toys.
  2. Have convenient bedding. You can buy them in the market or is easily obtainable online.
  3. Have water handy in the best water bottle for hamster 24/7. A food pan with a few hamster foods is further suggested. You can provide them with fresh and suitable vegetables however check to clean them if uneaten for a prolonged time as they might go smelly.
  4. Keep your hamster in a peaceful and not in a bright place. Unexpected loud noises can simply scare your hamster.
  5. Give them playtime outside the enclosure each day either in a hamster wheel or ball or allow them to wander around the yard. This has to be always done under someone’s guidance.
  6. Clean their cage once in a fortnight.
  7. As hamsters are playful animals, so make time to play with them which creates a healthy bond between you and your lovable pet.

Purchase the best cage and playthings for your hamster which will keep in comfort and give them proper food and water in the best water bottle for a hamster. This will keep your hamster to stay healthy without any aliments.

Best food to be given to your hamster:

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

There are a lot of choices accessible when it appears to feed your hamster. As hamsters are not particular eaters, so give a different diet, because it’s the main source to your hamster’s good health. There are two main varieties of hamster’s food to pick from, they are pellets and seed mixes. They carry a mix of grains, seed, minerals and vitamins.

However, fresh berries and veggies are essential for a well-balanced food as well. Here are the different table foods which are harmless for your hamster to feed, and a few that you must avoid in their diet.

Acceptable Foods:

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Figs
  • Peas
  • Grapes
  • Melons
  • Zucchini
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Plantains
  • Beets
  • Pumpkin
  • Cucumber
  • Sweet Potato
  • Clover

Foods to Avoid:

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Spinach
  • Peaches
  • Lettuce
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Rhubarb
  • Apricots
  • Nectarines
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate – particularly dark chocolate

All creatures need food, though you can’t simply get any hamster feed you find. Not all meals marketed for hamsters are secured for them! When purchasing hamster food, review the guaranteed outline section on the rear part of the bag. Fat must be 4% to 7%. The protein would be between 19% and 17% and fiber must be 6% to 15%.

Most people prefer to use the best water bottle for hamster. It helps you to clean the cage quickly because if you use water bowl, there is a great chance of getting wet of your hamster’s bedding.

The things which are most important for your every hamster:

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

  • Aquariums are more suitable options than cages as hamsters, being in the rabbit family, are likely to respiratory difficulties, particularly pneumonia, if disclosed to winds. You will want an aquarium or cage that should be at least 15 inches tall and 12 inches long for one hamster or 2 little hamsters. Buy the largest size if feasible. The larger the cage the more comfortable your hamster will be.
  • Bedding or substrate for the base of the cage in which your hamster can dig a hole and hide.
  • The best water bottle for hamster where you will see less mash to clean up.
  • A food dish.
  • Sleeping and hiding spaces for your hamster.
  • Hamster playthings such as ramps, tunnels and an exercise wheel so the pet can explore and exercise.

The best water bottle for hamster –keep them comfortable:

How Do I Know If My Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

A mesh cage roof is suggested to confirm your hamster remains in their cage. If you utilize the best water bottle for hamster, they can rise up and down on it. If makes them interesting and give a pleasure time. The best water bottle with the stainless iron tube and pellet is the most effective and sanitary ways of giving water to them. They are simply cleaned and the pets cannot soil their drinking water with faeces or urine. As they can be draped on the outside of the enclosure, the pet cannot mount on or bite the bottle.

Hamsters are ideally capable of drinking water from a water bottle. But, as they are so dynamic, the water bowl goes dirty quickly that is why the water bottle for hamsters are the chosen means of giving water. If you choose to use a pan, you must clean and replace it out every day.

As an option, you might seek to build or change a water bottle using a chick waterer teat. They can be purchased in any size and modified for practice with buckets or small bottles. They hold a small tool that delivers water, though they do give a quiet clicking noise. Giving water in the best water bottle for hamster preferably than a pan holds it clean, it prevents the creatures from dropping feed and bedding in it and it implies that you don’t want to refill and clean it many times per day.

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