Moving Tips and Tricks
By a professional mover

Moving with a rented truck
Usually a 14 -16 foot truck will move a one  bedroom apartment, 16-18 foot for two bedrooms. and 18-26 foot for three bedrooms.You should consult with your truck rental place for the best choice. They may recommend a larger truck however, than you really need (which is recommended) unless you really want to pack it tight.

You want to pack the load tight with heavy furniture and boxes on the bottom. Do not use tall wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes in unless your company is paying for the move. First of all they are expensive and secondly they are space hogs. Clothes fit real nice at the very top of the load where you have a little space at the top, and you can be sure that the truck is tightly packed from front to back.(If you are moving locally I suggest hauling your clothes in your car) Word of caution “watch the clearance of the rear “roll up doors” as they can damage, rip or soil you goods while opening or closing them.

Pack all drawers and other furniture with clothes and other items to save on boxes and space. Also makes less trips to the truck; But if it is to heavy loaded, you can carry the drawers to the truck separately and put them back in the dresser. Always face drawers forward into the load and use sturdy furniture or boxes beside the dresser to make a tight fit.

Chairs should be saved for the very top. on a sturdy base lay the first chair on its back, legs to the wall. Then fill the legs with small items. Then lay some clothing or blankets on the top of the chair and put the next chair on top with back of the chair up and the legs resting on the first chairs back. The other two chairs can be put on the opposite side of the truck If you have more chairs wait till your next row of furniture and boxes is stacked so you have another base to stack them on.